Friday, January 29, 2016

Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Model S P90D in a Lamborghini Aventador how ludicrous and Capristo Exhaust LP700-4 are put face in a video clip posted over the weekend, the purpose being to show us which of the two cars in totally different categories is faster ln a drag race.

Tesla Model S has a total of 762 P90D horsepower thanks ludicrous way, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h just 2.8 seconds from dropping, but even with such impressive specifications back, fails to win a Lamborghini Aventador ln a drag race.

Although we are talking about a sports car over $ 400,000 which is comparable to a production car that cost about 5 times less, the differences between them in terms of speed are not so big up to a speed of about 100 km / h.
Tesla cars are extremely popular, and one of the main reasons why they are sought is based on the fact that we are talking about an electric car that is able to achieve impressive acceleration speeds, and Apple needs to do something similar to compete effectively.

When talking about electric cars are not just talking about luxury features and greater autonomy, and talking about cars that need to be quick, or so you should think Apple to compete effectively with Tesla.
Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, the parent company of brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Smart and virtually everything that revolves around the brand Mercedes believes that the people at Google do more and know more about cars than Germans.

In an interview with the magazine Welt am Sonntag, Zetsche said he was impressed by the skills and technological advances that we have Silicon Valley companies like Google and Apple in terms of machine and mainly autonomous cars . He said that the people at Google and Apple "do more and know more" about cars than the Germans expected. It is possible that the luxury car industry leaders have derided his new entrants Google, Tesla (and soon Apple) then to convince them that it's not joac─â.Acesta was also impressed by the respect that Americans have shown for the company "Daimler" (as if anyone would be able to show respect for Mercedes) thing was not expected, especially after the scandal Dieselgate who cast a deep shadow over the entire German car industry.

In any case, Google's autonomous cars are designed to appear in a fairly distant future and drive Apple's total chimera "bleeding" money and chief engineers.

However, now the guys at Mercedes are clearly convinced that the time has come to move to another level, understanding that the future lies in electric cars and autonomous. In this chapter, the competition from BMW already has close relations with the Chinese Baidu is working with an autonomous driving system similar to Google folks.

Worth to see who would start a partnership Mercedes in the development of an autonomous car. To prove that Mercedes takes seriously this possibility, Zetsche toured the 70 companies in Silicon Valley, wearing these discussions that offered the prospect of concrete results in the future.

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